Tax deferred exchange Expertise, Safety and Service

Amherst is a boutique Qualified Intermediary in Santa Barbara, California, with unmatched service nationally for over 30 years. Since communication is key to a smooth, successful exchange, our availability includes non-business hours. Close association with The Egenolf Group, a nationally respected real property law firm in Santa Barbara, California provides Amherst with timely expert input when exploring complex scenarios with clients and their tax advisors. We specialize in customizing each Amherst exchange and do not rely on cookie-cutter solutions.

Exchange funds are fully protected

Funds are wired directly into and out of segregated trust accounts governed by Qualified Trust Agreements that require 3 signatures to move funds to purchase property: Taxpayer, Amherst and an attorney Trustee.

What you can count on from Amherst

We provide above-expectation service, expertise, clear communication and client-centered business practices. Our team approach emphasizes analytical collaboration and creative thinking.