I am writing to thank and commend you for the superb work that you and your staff at Amherst Exchange Corporation have done in the timely and safe handling of so many exchanges for my real estate clients over the years.

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Michael Pfau
Reicker, Pfau, Pyle & McRoy LLP
Attorneys at Law
Santa Barbara


Over the years I have referred scores of clients to Amherst Exchange Corporation and represented many more in exchanges Amherst has handled, involving millions of dollars. These clients extend from long time real estate professionals to investors who simply have only one parcel of investment real estate.

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Steve Ridgeway
Ridgeway & Warner
Certified Public Accountants


As I look back on the service you have provided to me, I am moved to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding job you and your staff have done. You work harder than you should, but I am so grateful to have you as a resource for all my exchanges.

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Roger Himovitz
El Capitan Canyon

I am very pleased to be able to confirm that over many years and many transactions Amherst Exchange Corporation has always consistently and professionally provided me and my clients outstanding service, critically-helpful transactional advice, and scrupulous accounting and financial management. Amherst is an outstanding Qualified Intermediary service, and always my first choice.

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Derek A. Weston
Attorney At Law
Santa Barbara