The Amherst Difference

No two exchanges are alike.

We offer individualized, knowledgeable, creative service focused on the unique needs of each exchange. Because we are an independently owned boutique qualified intermediary company (QI) we comfortably work with all escrow and title companies, attorneys and CPAs. Our broad compatibility gives clients more choices and better-customized service. We do not have to establish cookie-cutter solutions for a fleet of nationwide offices; we are customized exchange specialists.

Protection of funds is our highest priority.

Amherst is closely associated with The Egenolf Group, LLP, a highly respected real property law firm in Santa Barbara, California. The attorneys serve as Trustees for Qualified Trust Agreements that govern each segregated Amherst trust account. Before the bank can release funds, the client, Amherst and an attorney Trustee must sign wire instructions. Protecting exchange funds where they sit, in fully transparent accounts, ensures you can verify funds at any time. Safety of funds throughout the exchange requires labor-intensive vigilance and layers of safeguards. These client-centered systems are the only way to safely meet 1031 time and procedural requirements. No matter how large, a bond has never paid off in time to close by the 180th day. It’s that simple.

Certified Exchange Specialists serve you.

Amherst’s exchange coordinators are Certified Exchange Specialists© (CES©), and remaining employees assist administratively while preparing to become certified. One must work full-time for 3 years for a QI company to become eligible to take the certification exam. All Amherst officers and employees are dedicated to ongoing expertise, whether already a CES© or on the path to becoming one. Amherst’s track record of expertise spans over 30 years. Our collaborative approach fosters creative solutions. The exemplary character of each Amherst team member assures unrivaled service and availability. Our purpose is to help you experience a smooth, well-informed, successful tax deferred exchange.